Cerebral Clutch Projects

Motion Tracking Software

Crush zombies, slay dragons and fly through space with our up and coming infrared motion tracked bowling system.

Database Analytics

We specialize in creating analytical databases so that you can run queries and reports against the your companies databases.

Property Management Software

Manage your properties and real estate with this newly designed property management software.

Cerebral Clutch Services

Software Creation and Design

Practically anything you can think of that you may need for your company, at home personal use, or app creation, we can make it.

Web Design

With up-to-date and mobile friendly designs, any website to showcase your company, personal blog, or even forums, we can create.

Cerebral Clutch Information

Meet the Cerebral Team

Our team of software and web designers all have a passion to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. From handling tens of thousands of lines of code in an international item database to something as crazy as infrared motion tracking.

About Cerebral Clutch

Cerebral Clutch is a software and web development company based in Salem Oregon. Ranging from motion tracking software and  inventory systems to web design using HTML & CSS, Javascript, and PHP, we have a talented team that provides top-notch design and software.

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